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Key professional publications I've written or co-authored (English language publications only for now), plus biography pages on Wikipedia. See here for blog posts.

My comments at PubMed Commons:

Full list of comments


Institutional repository LinkOut: a new full text access feature in PubMed. NLM Technical Bulletin, 2017.

Concern noted: a descriptive study of editorial expressions of concern in PubMed and PubMed Central. BioRxiv preprint, by Melissa Vaught, Diana C. Jordan and me. February, 2017. Open data in the Open Science Framework.

Biomedical journals and preprint services: friends or foes? Q&A/roundtable with John Ioannidis and others at Clinical Chemistry, 2016 (PDF).

PubMed review methods filter and methods research support from PubMed Health, Cochrane Methods, 2016 (PDF, page 27).

Nondisclosure of financial interest in clinical practice guideline development: an intractable problem?, Editorial in PLOS Medicine, 2016

Post-publication activity on PubMed Commons: an evaluation of comments from 3 months in 2014. Poster at 2016 AAAS meeting, by Melissa Vaught and I (PDF).

Scholarly communication

A stronger post-publication culture is needed for better science, Editorial in PLOS Medicine, 2014.

About clinical effectiveness, health research & research methods

Reporting guidelines for abstracts of systematic reviews, in PLOS Medicine, 2013.

75 trials and 11 systematic reviews a day: how will we ever keep up?, in PLOS Medicine 2010.

Getting interventions from trials to clinical practice, in the BMJ 2010.

A reader's guide to author and sponsorship bias in clinical research, in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2006.

Consumer and researcher collaboration in trials, in Clinical Trials, 2005.

Learning from evidence-based mistakes, in the BMJ, 2004.

About the revision of the Declaration of Helsinki (ethics of human experimentation), in the BMJ, 2001.

Consumers and evidence-based medicine, in the Medical Journal of Australia, 2000.

Reflections on consumer issues and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), in Reproductive Health Matters, 2000.

Invited commentary on an article about mammography and the politics of randomized trials, in the BMJ, 1998.

Ethical considerations and the quality of randomized trials, in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Healthcare, 1996.

Consumer interests and experiences in health care

A qualitative analysis of evidence-based healthcare information from the users' perspective, in BMC Health Services Research, 2013.

Developing priority-setting criteria for patients' and consumers' interests in health technology assessment (HTA) and systematic reviewing, in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2011.

This one is mostly explaining the German healthcare system, in the BMJ, 2008.

(See below for consumer interests and experiences in maternity care specifically)

Consumer participation in health care, policy and research

Core competencies for shared decision-making training programs, in the Journal of Continuing Education for Health Professional, 2013.

An article about integrating consumers in the development of clinical practice guidelines in the Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society, 2012.

This one is about using analytic hierarchy processes to find out patient preferences as part of HTA, in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2011.

(Repeat from above) Consumer and researcher collaboration in trials, in Clinical Trials, 2005.

A review of consumer involvement in peer review of research and articles, in a book, Peer Review in Health Sciences, Second edition, 2003.

Whether consumer participation in health research has made a difference, in the Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 1999.

Speaking up for ourselves: a history of consumer advocacy in health care, in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Healthcare, 1998.

An article about the need for consumer participation in clinical practice guidelines, in the International Journal for the Quality of Healthcare, 1996.

The power of sharing knowledge: about the role for consumer participation in the newly formed Cochrane Collaboration, monograph published by the UK Cochrane Centre, 1994.


Presenting unwelcome research findings, in Virtual Mentor, 2014.

Protocol for a systematic review on improving understanding and minimizing psychological harm from  screening, in The Cochrane Library, 2009.

Developing the methodology for an evidence-based health information website in Patient Education and Counseling, 2008.

Just how demanding can we get before we blow it? Personal reflections on empowerment, personal choice and class, in the BMJ 2003.

A systematic review of the effects of the internet, for the National Institute of Clinical Studies in 2003.

A systematic review of risk communication, in the book Evidence-based Patient Choice, 2003.


Lucy Wills, in the James Lind Library, 2007

George Orwell, tuberculosis and streptomycin, in the James Lind Library, 2004

And on Wikipedia (most recent first):

Carolyn Parker, 2017

Lonnie Standifer, 2017

Sophie Lutterlough, 2017

Marilyn Nance, 2017

Jane Hinton, 2017

Cheryl L. Shavers, 2017

Jesse Jarue Mark, 2017

Angie Turner King, 2017

Jane Hinton, 2017

Cheryl L. Shavers, 2017

Jesse Jarue Mark, 2017

Jessie Isabelle Price, 2017

Olive Jean Dunn, 2016

Mary Logan Reddick, 2016

Eva Klein, 2015

Margaret Morgan Lawrence, 2015

Lisa Bero, 2014

Judith Lumley, 2013

Maternal and perinatal care

A systematic review on the effects of treatment for gestational diabetes in the BMJ 2010 (part of a larger systematic review on screening and treatment by IQWiG).

Invited commentary on an article on cesarean section rates in Latin America, in the BMJ, 1999.

Epidemiological research on perinatal deaths at Australian home births, in the BMJ, 1998.

Invited commentary on an article about cesarean section, in the BMJ, 1997.

A study of birth position and perineal outcomes in 4,523 homebirths, monograph published by Homebirth Australia, 1995 (not peer-reviewed).

Aboriginal maternal mortality, in the Medical Journal of Australia, 1993.

A survey on personal beliefs and alternative childbirth choices, in Birth, 1993 (And a non-peer-reviewed monograph on this survey of 552 Australian women published by Homebirth Australia, 1992).

The language of obstetrics, in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1992.

Homebirths in Australia, 1988-1990, a monograph published by the National Perinatal Statistics Unit of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 1992.

Homebirths in Australia, 1985-1987, a monograph published by the National Perinatal Statistics Unit of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 1992.

Obstetrics and litigation, in the Medical Journal of Australia, 1990.

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