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 at PLOS Blogs Network since 2015 (transferred from Scientific American, where it started in)

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Previous & guest blogging

Third Opinion at MedPage Today (discontinued)

Guest blog at Scientific American: Dissecting the controversy about early psychological response to disasters and trauma

Guest blog at Scientific American (on the day of Angelina Jolie's NT Times essay on her preventive double mastectomy): Courage versus fear: Keeping health risks in perspective when the dramatic and rare goes culturally viral

Guest blog at Scientific American: Catch-22, Clinical Trial Edition: The double bind for women and children

A guest blog at Scientific American, this time about testing and monitoring in health and "the quantified self": "Every breath you take, every move you make": How much monitoring is too much?

A post about the growth of anxiety about cancer and putting it in perspective (again at Scientific American): #NIHMiM12: the spreading shadow of cancer angst: 3 things you need to know to meet it rationally.

And a post at Scientific American about the shrinking people of normality: "Is anybody sane here?" said the psychiatrist to the journalists.

Another guest blog at Scientific American, this time about the Wikipedia: Are you a knowledge philanthropist? If not, why not?

The others

January, 2012: At the British Journal of Sports Medicine: A little less exaggeration, a little more science please!

April, 2012: The Cochrane Collaboration blog: Cochrane @ PubMed Health: another audience for reviews

June, 2012: Two posts at Scientific American about people's biases and the reaction to a trial about exercise and depression. There was a critique of the first one here by SciCurious - my second post is a response:

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