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The 10 most-visited posts at Statistically Funny:

1. What's So Good About "Early", Anyway?

In which a reluctant early bird questions a cliche. A clue to what you need to know about screening tests.

2. Nervously Approaching Significance

A 2013 post about statistical significance. A better starting point now is my 2016 Absolutely Maybe post, 5 Tips for Avoiding P-Value Potholes.

3. ARR OR NNT? What's Your Number Needed to Confuse?

Love the numbers: but it doesn't mean they're entirely objective, either. On words and misleading numbers.

4. The Forest Plot Trilogy - A Gripping Thriller Concludes

Mysteries of meta-analysis plots revealed.

5. Data Bingo! Oh No!

Why do so many research findings turn out to be rubbish? Here's one reason: the perils of multiple testing explained.

6. Women and Children Overboard

Catch-22: Clinical Trials Edition.

7. If At First You Don't Succeed...

Significus the Obscure helps explain the ever-present dangers of post hoc analyses.

8. You Will Meet Too Much False Precision

A fortune teller shows us the future: where everyone expects to know the confidence intervals.

9. Does It Work? Beware of the Too-Simple Answer

Breaking questions right down. In which we go statistically Bayesian, too.

10. Biomarkers Unlimited: Accept Only OUR Substitutes

Surrogate or intermediate endpoints and biomarkers: know one when you see one! (And you'll see a lot of them.)

The runners up tackle:

As of 3 September 2016

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