Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The trial acronymania menace

As if there's not enough for us to remember, we're supposed to remember endless acronyms for trials too now. There's even a wiki to help us keep them straight and a call for a register of trial acronyms to reduce multiple use of all the words ending in T! Somewhere along the line this became marketing: not much equipoise in ACHIEVE, MIRACLE or PROMISE, eh? A study has classified this as a form of coercion. Ivan Oransky called for a HALT (Help Acronyms Leave Trials). If you're irritated by the next outbreak of trial acronymania or acronymesis you come across, you're not alone!


  1. HB what a brilliant ( and very talented) idea

  2. Hi Hilda. How about a follow-up cartoon marking the fine outputs of those venerable committees... PRISMA, EQUATOR, CONSORT, STROBE, etc - relation between word choice and guideline adherence?

  3. G'day! Thanks, hadn't thought of that! Have added these potential characters to my sketchpad.